“ Not always tons of servers needed to meet your requirements, a compute engine or few may be sufficient for your needs “

By working with various leading cloud providers and their products CCS offers a complete range of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions with multiple cloud storage options to meet the unique challenges of your applications work load. CCS also offers tailor made infrastructure solutions through hybrid hosting, seamless integration to colocation & managed hosting for all IT/application needs.

Network & Security

“ Apps performance not only depends on MEMORY , CPU & HDD I/O, a poor network design may dangle the digital traffic”

CCS provides cost effective and efficient solution based on the business needs with various network product acquaintance , essential designs and physical environment. Our security solutions are centered with reduced risk, Lower complexity ,Gain deep visibility, Protect against threat.

Disaster recovery

“ Don’t allow calamity to end your business, though you have insured”

In reality, few applications require "immediate failover protection" in the event of a disaster. In most cases, the infrastructure is incapable of providing the service without massive investment. In other instances, business or operational activities (within or without the IT division) are required in order to failover the service; hence, immediate access to the technology is neither relevant nor needed. CCS work with your team to provide right DR solution among various solutions from Tier 0 – Tier7.